Known as a “Motel Village” from Decades, the Business Owners want to Change its Name

The up-scaling of the Motel Village is driving the attention of many business owners towards the re-branding of this motel that has not been changed from decades. The reputation of this area... Read more »

British Columbia 2017-18 Wildfire Has Increased the Fire Risk by up to Four Times

The record-breaking wildfire during July 2017 in British Columbia, Canada is raising concerns regarding the climatic change and other environmental impacts. The two-hectare wildfire heading to more than 50 new fires that... Read more »

California Winter Storm Shuts Down Pacific Coast Highway

The heavy rainfall in both Northern California and southern part of the state resulted in power shutdowns and mudslides, affecting thousands of people and commuters on the highway. California wildfire-affected areas due... Read more »
Prescription Drugs

B.C. to Help Lower-Income Households to Handle Their Prescription Drugs

With a budget of $105 million for the upcoming period of three years, the Fair Pharmacare program was first laid out during February 2018 but has come into effect in the first... Read more »
US National Park

The Federal Shutdown leads to the Loss of Three Lives in the US National Parks

Three people lost their lives in three different National Park Service accidents following the shutdown of the National Parks in the USA which is into its third week now and has not... Read more »
Anthony Marlowe, CEO-MCI, LC

Sydney Call Center Inc. Brought New Hope For The Former Employees Of Servicom Canada

Just a few weeks before Christmas, ServiCom Canada laid off hundreds of its workers which drove the devastated employees to ask help from local charities. The people working at the firm from... Read more »
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple unveils new products during an Apple launch event at the Brooklyn Academy

China Behind The Disappointing iPhone Sales

The news of the dropping of the iPhone sales is perhaps true where the trading tension between the United States and China is considered the reason behind the lower iPhone sales than... Read more »
Bird Box

While most of the People didn’t care, the Rest entered 2019 by taking the ‘Bird Box Challenge’

Ever since the release of the movie ‘Bird Box’, there are a lot of memes that have been shared across the social media platforms. The people who are blind or have low... Read more »