The Astounding Rise And Fall Of Paul Touradji

A lot of ink has been spilt during the past year regarding hedge fund manager Paul Touradji, founder of Touradji Capital Management (TCM), who was walloped in a court case brought against... Read more »
U.S. Sports betting mainstream

FanDuel & DraftKings Are Going To Make U.S. Sports Betting Mainstream

Sports betting has been gradually spreading across America on a state-by-state basis. It took the Supreme Court to even make this possible, but once it was decided that gambling was no longer... Read more »

How One Start-Up is Giving Wall Street Brokers a Run for Their Money

Attempting to disrupt the traditional world of money and banking once warranted eyerolling and sceptical rebuke. However, in the last 10 years we have seen increasingly more start-ups and entrepreneurs tackle issues... Read more »

4 Common Due Diligence Mistakes To Avoid When Acquiring A Business

Due diligence is a vital process when it comes to buying a business and should not be taken lightly. It allows you to understand the seller, the history of their company, and... Read more »
Automobile Industry

Decline of the Indian Automobile Industry

A recent drop in production and sales of automobiles in India has directed the industry towards a major decline this year. With the decelerating economy, car manufacturers are facing heavy losses as... Read more »

Hurricane Dorian Threatens The Coast Of North Carolina And Other Southwestern States

North Carolina witnessed Hurricane Dorian, an extremely powerful cyclone, which washed up entire shores of the area along with surrounding states including the Bahamas, Florida and South Carolina. On Thursday, the storm... Read more »
US China Trade War

Will The US-China Trade War Turn Out To Be The Largest Trade War In Global Economic History?

It all started with the US imposing tariffs on imported Chinese goods in March 2018, claiming that China had been involved in unfair trade practices for the past many years. Thus, began... Read more »
iPhone 11

Apple to Launch New iPhone This September

It’s very likely that we will be witnessing the launch of the brand new iPhone 11 this year in September. With Apple’s tendency to introduce a new product every year, this iPhone... Read more »
Nike 3D Advertising

3D Advertising: Holograms to Replace Photographs

The advertising industry has gotten hold of the new holography techniques to create 3D images of ads in place of the old 2D visuals and graphics. Holograms create attractive and attention-grabbing advertisements... Read more »
Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Business Of Foldable Phones – Are We Getting To The Part that Folds?

The idea of foldable phones that has been mulling over for quite some time now is just about to give way to the next wave of technology that could grip the world.... Read more »