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Acknowledgement of Terms

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Using AmericaNewsHour, User Conduct, and Your Content

  1. Anything you post on AmericaNewsHour is public. Kindly make sure you’re comfortable with the idea that anyone can view anything you post.
  2. You shouldn’t post any content or use our service to do anything illegal or malicious.
  3. If it turns out any of your content or use is illegal or malicious, AmericaNewsHour is not responsible — you’re responsible. This may lead to temporary pause or permanenet deletion of your account and any other previliges that you possess.
  4. Please do not hack or attack AmericaNewsHour with malware or visus.
  5. While we wouldn’t do it without good reason, ultimately AmericaNewsHour may remove your content or terminate or suspend your account at its sole discretion.
  6. If disputes arise between you and anyone other than AmericaNewsHour, we have no obligation to participate or assist either party.

Licensing Agreements, Warranty, and Limitations of Liability

You own the content that you create on AmericaNewsHour, however AmericaNewsHour may distribute or use that content in a variety of ways. Examples include:

  • Your post may be selected to be featured on another AmericaNewsHour site by a staff member or editor
  • Any AmericaNewsHour user can repost any content you create to their own AmericaNewsHour blog, however it will link to your blog
  • Our news and press releases are further picked by multiple financial and news websites (3rd party websites) which we do not own. As our syndication partners they can publish your post on their website. AmericaNewsHour takes no responsibility of such content getting indexed by search engines.
  • The use of AmericaNewsHour is at “your own risk.” The service is offered “as is” and AmericaNewsHour makes no guarantees concerning the availability or “uptime” of the service.
  • AmericaNewsHour is not liable for any direct or indirect damages to users of AmericaNewsHour as a result of using the service in any way.

In case you do not agree to our terms and conditions, you are requested to discontinue the use of our services and search a different platform that best fits your requirements.

Revisions of Terms of Use

The America News Hour reserves the right to change or restore the ‘Terms of Use’ at any time. The modification to the ‘Terms of Use’ will be updated on our website, to which the users are advised to go through and get familiarized with them. Any access to our website or our services after the updating of our revised ‘Terms of Use’ constitutes the acceptance of the users towards our modified ‘Terms of Use’.