World’s First Operation with FIVAD Performed on a 24-Year Old

In a major breakthrough in the field of science and technology, the world’s first ever operation to place a FiVAD (Fully Implanted Ventricular Assist Device) was performed successfully on a 24-year old... Read more »
Doctors to Track Activities

Doctors to Track Activities of Dementia Patients with Smart Meters

The National Healthcare System (NHS) has come up with a trial to monitor patients suffering from dementia with the help of Smart Meters. The smart meters will not only track the daily... Read more »
U.S. President Donald Trump

Heartland Workers at Risk of Losing their Jobs to AI

As much as we like welcoming latest technological advancements in to our life and let them take over the difficult tasks but to the best of our knowledge, they are also taking... Read more »

Huawei announced a Next-Generation Smartphone on its Own Technology

The Chinese multinational company specializing in telecommunications equipment, Huawei, announced the plans for its next-generation foldable 5G smartphone this Wednesday. To compete directly with Western industry leaders and instead of going for... Read more »
Northridge Earthquake

Looking Back to the Earthquake that Shook Los Angeles from its Sleep 25 Years Ago leaving more than 60 People Dead

25 years ago, a densely populated area of Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley located 20 miles northwest of the city’s downtown was struck with a 6.7 magnitude earthquake during the wee... Read more »
Donald Trump

Oceans are Getting Warmer than Earlier Anticipated

According to the warnings by the scientists, the oceans are getting warmer than earlier predicted setting a new heat record in the year 2018. This is believed to have an impact on... Read more »
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Revealed His New Year Resolution for 2019

Following his promise of setting his individual goals since 2009, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO-Facebook shared his New Year resolutions for 2019 which is about him planning to host a series of public discussions... Read more »

The Dug-Up Remains Put The Spotlight on Role of Women & Art in Medieval Europe

A strange discovery on a woman’s art career was made when the modern scientists examined the body of a woman in Germany that died and was buried in an unmarked grave in... Read more »

British Columbia 2017-18 Wildfire Has Increased the Fire Risk by up to Four Times

The record-breaking wildfire during July 2017 in British Columbia, Canada is raising concerns regarding the climatic change and other environmental impacts. The two-hectare wildfire heading to more than 50 new fires that... Read more »
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple unveils new products during an Apple launch event at the Brooklyn Academy

China Behind The Disappointing iPhone Sales

The news of the dropping of the iPhone sales is perhaps true where the trading tension between the United States and China is considered the reason behind the lower iPhone sales than... Read more »