Contraceptive Jewelry

Contraceptive Jewelry to Help Birth Control – Now You Can Manage Your Birth Control with Jewelry

We often come across the stories regarding unwanted pregnancies or how having a baby was unplanned and how undesirable it is for most of the couples. In the United States, around half... Read more »

Tim Cook Announced the Launch of Apple’s Unique Credit Card for iPhone Users

We are going to witness the launch of first ever physical card by Apple this summer which is predicted to be unlike traditional credit cards available in the market. The details of... Read more »

Tengai- The Robot who Conducts Unbiased Interviews

There are a lot of times when we feel like that the interviewers judge us by our appearance and not by our skills. Worrying about the questions was not enough that now,... Read more »
Top 5 Tech Trends 2019

What are the Top 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019?

A lot of unpredictable trends have been invented with years of knowledge and advancement in technology. There is hardly a domain that is deprived of technology. With technology being the backbone of... Read more »
Facebook, Investigation , Data Deals

Facebook under Criminal Investigation for its Data Deals

It was not long before that Facebook was penalized with a record-setting fine of more than USD 22.5 Million for violating its users’ privacy that now it has made headlines for getting... Read more »

Much Awaited ‘Spotify’ Launched in India

With exclusive marketing launch partners-One Plus, Anheuser-Busch InBev and GoUSA, the digital music service application with an access to millions of songs, Spotify has been launched in India and is expected to... Read more »

Volvo-HR90 to Recruit its Own Mechanics!

The inventions of AI never fail to surprise us. We hear about the advancements in artificial intelligence every other day and it was not long before when Volvo caught the attention of... Read more »
Electric Vehicles

India might witness 25% of Electric Vehicles on Road by 2030

Guidelines have been established by the Government of India to set up the electric vehicle fuelling stations across India at every 25km. Along with that, the government has also advocated installing charging... Read more »
Artificial Intelligence

Trump signed the American Artificial Intelligence Initiative

After the revelation during July of 2017 by China to become the world leader in Artificial Intelligence by 2030, numerous steps are being taken by the United States trying to stay ahead... Read more »

World’s First Operation with FIVAD Performed on a 24-Year Old

In a major breakthrough in the field of science and technology, the world’s first ever operation to place a FiVAD (Fully Implanted Ventricular Assist Device) was performed successfully on a 24-year old... Read more »
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