Fiat Chrysler Cheating Emissions Tests

Around $700 Million to be Paid by Fiat Chrysler as Part of the Settlement against Cheating Emissions Tests

To settle the allegations on cheating the emissions tests, an Italian and American multinational corporation, Fiat Chrysler will pay more than $650 million. There are a large number of Jeep SUVs and... Read more »

California Winter Storm Shuts Down Pacific Coast Highway

The heavy rainfall in both Northern California and southern part of the state resulted in power shutdowns and mudslides, affecting thousands of people and commuters on the highway. California wildfire-affected areas due... Read more »
Prescription Drugs

B.C. to Help Lower-Income Households to Handle Their Prescription Drugs

With a budget of $105 million for the upcoming period of three years, the Fair Pharmacare program was first laid out during February 2018 but has come into effect in the first... Read more »