Editorial Guidelines


The America News Hour covers the latest trends, stories and news on business, lifestyle, entertainment, politics, sports and science & technology among other diversified sectors. Our editorial guidelines offer a reliable framework and the type of information we prefer while publishing the news on our digital network.

Points to Consider:

  1. While submitting a piece, you are requested to maintain the originality of your piece excluding promotion of any kind of brand or services.
  2. Kindly keep in notice the grammar, punctuation, numbers, names with respect to the style guidelines.
  3. Take care of the word limit along with the words that need to be avoided.
  4. Make sure the images and video files are in the required format (preferably JPG, TIFF, EPS, MP4 and MOV). You or your organization should own the rights to these files.
  5. Spellings for all the names of people, places and different channels should be capitalized. Do not capitalize common nouns unless they are in a title or in the starting of a sentence.
  6. Please provide 40-50 words of author biography with high resolution headshot.
  7. Use of spell check is encouraged.
  8. Submission of work according to the appointed deadline will be appreciated.

In case you have any doubts and queries related to the submission of your work, please write an email to us at contact@americanewshour.com