Mayhem Continues to Bother Citizens after 26 Days of U.S. Government Shutdown

The turmoil continues with the US Government Shutdown that started from more than 20 days ago. The federal shutdown has turned the country into a hellhole and is impacting everybody’s life. The... Read more »
Northridge Earthquake

Looking Back to the Earthquake that Shook Los Angeles from its Sleep 25 Years Ago leaving more than 60 People Dead

25 years ago, a densely populated area of Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley located 20 miles northwest of the city’s downtown was struck with a 6.7 magnitude earthquake during the wee... Read more »

Canadian, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg sentenced to Death by Chinese Court

Amidst political tension going between Canada and China, a Canadian has been sentenced to death by the Court of China which has further increased the friction between the two nations. The Canada... Read more »
Wayland Group

Half of the International Business of Wayland Group to be sold to ICC

A diversified cannabis company, Wayland announced the selling of 49.9% of its International Business assets to ICC – International Cannabis Corp. In accordance to its earlier announced strategic alternatives to maximize shareholder... Read more »

Netflix Prices to be Up by 13 to 18 Percent in the United States

The American media-service provider for both movies and television series, Netflix is increasing the subscription prices of its entire set of plans, starting from basic to premium, effective immediately for the new... Read more »
Poster form movie Sully

A Decade Later, Survivors Remember ‘The Miracle on the Hudson’

It has been ten years since the miraculous evacuation of the US Airways Flight 1549 after being struck by the flock of Canada geese resulting in the loss of engine power where... Read more »
Robson Green

Robson Green shares his Greatest Fears & Revelations from the Past

Robson Green, an English actor, singer, angler and songwriter talked about his revelations from the past and his greatest fears. Born as Robson Golightly Green in December 1964 in Northumberland, Robson Green... Read more »
Ty Pozzobon

Two Years Later, the Family & Friends Remember Ty Pozzobon

The rodeo world was shocked as they witnessed the suicide of their beloved bull rider on the fateful 9th January, 2017. Ty Pozzobon, a world-class pro bull rider took his life at... Read more »
Donald Trump

Oceans are Getting Warmer than Earlier Anticipated

According to the warnings by the scientists, the oceans are getting warmer than earlier predicted setting a new heat record in the year 2018. This is believed to have an impact on... Read more »

Contagious Stomach Bug Norovirus leaves hundreds of People Sick on a Caribbean Tour

The outbreak of the contagious vomiting and diarrhea bug affected around 277 people including both the guests and crew members on a cruise ship tour to Jamaica.  One of the world’s largest... Read more »