How is Aerial Seeding Used in Modern Farming?

A new concept, aerial seeding has come up in farming and in this, there is the use of aircraft for the distribution of seeds in large fields. This method helps to maintain the quality of the soil. In the areas where there are issues like soil erosion, aerial seeding will work as a boon. There are drones, helicopters, and air crafts used for the process. This type of farming is done for crops like oats, winter wheat, buckwheat, soybeans, maize, and Sudan grass.

How aerial seeding is done?

If normal farming was done then there would be traditional plowing and drilling method. This would be a time-consuming method and will also affect the quality of the soil. Also, if the land would be in remote areas then taking the manpower there would be a tough task.

When a large field is to be farmed, there would be too many people to be included in traditional farming. On the other hand, aerial seeding is one of the best and most effective ways that can help in keeping costs limited. Also, the person who is handling the aircraft would be responsible for aerial seeding. This can keep the costs to a limited extent. Also, the need for man-management will be removed.

What’s the process?

Seedballs are thrown on the large land and this is done with the help of a drone or an aircraft. The seed balls have seeds covered with clay and char. The aircraft are kept at lower altitudes and then the seed balls are sprayed. This will make the plants grow in that particular location.

This process is suitable when the quality of the soil is to be maintained and when a large part of the land has to be farmed.

The seeds have appropriate coverage and so they will fall on the ground as targeted. Water and appropriate soil will allow the plants to then grow. While using aerial seeding all you need to do is find the appropriate area where the seeding is done, it should have proper soil with the right level of moisture and the timing should be perfect for the plantations to grow. If all these things are taken care of then you will see that this form of seeding will be helpful in modern farming. The soil should have 0.5 to 1 inch of moisture and this will ensure fast growth of the seed and then the plant.

Aircraft and helicopters are better than drones in this process

Drones can be used, however, aircraft and helicopters are the most common modes of transport for seeds. This is because drones cannot take much weight off the seedball. Thus, it would not give effective results. Out of all helicopters are considered the best modes of aerial seeding. Air crafts have more speed. The speed of the helicopters can be controlled well. At the same time, you will see that helicopters can hover well and can also stay a bit lower in altitudes.

The reasons why aerial seeding is considered an effective ways of modern farming

  • In this method, there is no crop damage. When you compare aerial seeding with traditional farming, you will see that this mode of farming is much better because there is no damage to the land and the crops. The soil will also remain good after harvest. Even the uneven-shaped fields can be used perfectly when the aerial seeding method is inculcated in modern farming.
  • There is no need for any specialized equipment. There is no need to till drill the field. The aircraft driver will have substantial idea about where the fields are good and where the seed balls have to be sprayed. `
  • Even though, this seems to be an expensive thing they would be productive. They have so many benefits and there would help make the process simple. You need to understand a few things about aerial seeding and when you know that environment will be good enough and favorable for farming, things would be good enough.

Some people feel that this would be a gamble. But, even though this looks like one, aerial seeding has been giving better results. There are a few things that you need to work on. The soil should be good enough and the seed quality should also be great. The coating should be such that there should be proper application. There should be proper application and preparations that one should get ahead with.

Modern farming is much ahead and there are various techniques that a person can use and these include aerial seeding as well. There should be a result-oriented strategy and this will bring in better results for sure.

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