Persistent High Altitude Aerial Platforms and Payloads: Private Market Size with Growth Opportunities and Share with Revenue Forecast 2022 to 2031

Flying a relatively inexpensive Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) over one area for months to years at a time has been called the “Holy Grail” of both commercial and military markets. Well, the persistent future is here technologies exist to prototype initial defense and commercial lighter-than-air capabilities, with fixed-wing UASs capabilities coming soon thereafter. This new in-depth report includes detailed analysis of today’s persistent market, its inhibitors, drivers, and opportunities, combined with penetrating technical examination of both flight platforms and payloads. This report is designed specifically to inform business and technology decision makers about this market’s significant potential. It details which technologies are ready, who can build them, US & foreign competition, coming market disruptions & which markets will be most profitable to 2015 and beyond. The new report covers a wide spectrum of upcoming military and private industry business opportunities in areas such as:

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Counter IED
Missile Defense
Tactical Communications in Urban and Mountainous areas
Commercial Communications such as Cell Phone and Internet
Mobile Internet Protocol Television
Border Protection and Maritime Patrol
First Responders Communication and Surveillance Support
Satellite Radio without the Satellites
Google Earth-type Imagery on demand
And many more

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