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In a recent published report, Kenneth Research has updated the market report for Power Morcellators Industry Market for 2021 till 2030. Report further now discusses; the various strategies to be adopted or being adopted by the business players across the globe at various levels in the value chain. In the view of the global economic slowdown, we further estimated that China, India, Japan and South Korea to recover fastest amongst all the countries in the Asian market. Germany, France, Italy, Spain to take the worst hit and this hit is expected to be regain 25% by the end of 2021- Positive Growth in the economic demand and supply.

U.S. Market recovers fast; In a release on May 4th 2021, the U.S. Bureau and Economic Analsysis and U.S. Census Bureau mentions the recovery in the U.S. International trade in March 2021. Exports in the country reached $200 billion, up by $12.4 billion in Feb 2021. Following the continuous incremental trend, imports tallied at $274.5 billion, picked up by $16.4 billion in Feb 2021. However, as COVID19 still haunts the economies across the globe, year-over-year (y-o-y) avergae exports in the U.S. declined by $7.0 billion from March 2020 till March 2021 whilest imports increased by $20.7 billion during the same time. This definitely shows how the market is trying to recover back and this will have a direct impact on the Healthcare/ICT/Chemical industries, creating a huge demand for Power Morcellators Industry Market products.

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“The global market size of laparoscopic power morcellators market in 2021 is estimated to be USD 125 million by the end of 2021 and it is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~8% from 2022 to 2030. The preference for minimally invasive gynecological surgery and the technological advancement of surgical equipment are the main factors that are expected to promote market development. The electric pulverizer is a less invasive device used to cut tissue into smaller pieces during operations such as hysterectomy or hysterectomy.

Due to the delay or cancellation of many elective surgeries (including hysterectomy/hysteromyomectomy), the laparoscopic electric pulverizer market is moderately affected by COVID-19, as many hospitals have closed their outpatient facilities to limit the spread of the disease and prioritize treatment COVID- 19 patients. This in turn restricted the use of surgical equipment in hospitals in a short period of time. However, the European Society of Gynecological Endoscopy and the American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgeons have issued guidelines to continue minimally invasive/non-invasive surgery in emergency situations. As most countries are addressing the relaxation of restrictions on elective surgery, it is expected that the laparoscopic electric pulverizer market will not only be boosted during the forecast period, but will continue to decline. Pandemic. 

The prevalence of female uterine fibroids is on the rise globally and can cause abnormal uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea (dysmenorrhea and heavy menstrual periods), and pelvic or abdominal pressure. It is estimated that not all women with uterine fibroids have symptoms. About 50% to 75% of cases remain asymptomatic and are often undiagnosed. Therefore, it is estimated that approximately 77% of women of childbearing age may have uterine fibroids. According to a NCBI study report, approximately 30,000 cases of leiomyoma (fibroids) uterine myomectomy are performed each year in the United States. The prevalence of uterine fibroids increases with the age of women, and may occur in women between 40 and 60 years old, exceeding 30%. In addition, according to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 793,846 women were diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2017. The rate of new cases of uterine cancer is 27.8 cases per 100,000 women each year. This supports the development of treatment for uterine fibroids. Therefore, the increasing prevalence of uterine fibroids is increasing the global demand for hysterectomy or hysterectomy, thereby driving the growth of the laparoscopic electric pulverizer market during the forecast period. In addition, due to the reduced risks associated with this type of surgery, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures are becoming more and more popular today. 

Smaller incisions minimize postoperative pain and promote rapid recovery, which has led to the widespread adoption of these procedures. Today, surgeons perform single-port robotics and laparoscopic myomectomy/hysterectomy to remove larger fibroids. These can be removed through a small incision with the help of a laparoscopic pulverizer to divide them into fragments called pulverization. Therefore, compared with open surgery, minimally invasive surgery has a lower risk of blood loss and infection. Such procedures also allow shortening the length of hospital stay, and patients can return to work and perform normal activities in a short time. Therefore, these advantages have jointly promoted the demand for minimally invasive surgery, thereby driving the market for laparoscopic electric pulverizers. More and more cases of uterine fibroids and related operations, as well as the general population’s awareness of treatments are constantly improving. For example, uterine fibroids are an indication for hysterectomy, accounting for 39.0% of all hysterectomy procedures performed annually in the United States. 

In addition, according to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in the United States, more than one-third of hysterectomy procedures are used for uterine muscles. tumor. Therefore, during the forecast period, more and more hysterectomy operations are also expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the laparoscopic electric pulverizer market. In addition, technological progress and the launch of innovative products are one of the key factors driving the growth of the country’s laparoscopic power morcellators market. In the United States, July is recognized as Fibroids Awareness Month." This means learning more about an extremely common gynecological disease that can affect as many as 8 out of 10 women by the age of 50.

In recent years, people have been trying to improve the understanding of uterine fibroids. White Dress Project, HealthyWomen.org, The Fibroids Project, Fibroid and Fertility coaches and authors, and Innovative Obstetrics and Gynecology Care Center are some of the famous projects related to fibroids awareness and treatment. For example, the mission of the Healthy Women project is to participate in and inform about new therapies and procedures approved by the FDA. They have established strong partnerships with patients and healthcare professional organizations, and expanded their audience through social media through planning products and events. Therefore, all these measures taken by the government and non-profit organizations to treat uterine fibroids are expected to promote the growth of the laparoscopic shredder market during the forecast period.


Hysterectomy partially dominates the laparoscopic electric pulverizer market, and will occupy the largest revenue share of 71% in 2020. It is expected that this segment will also witness a compound annual growth rate of up to 8% from 2022 to 2030. This surgery is the most popular and proven permanent solution for uterine fibroids, thus contributing to the growth of this market segment. This procedure can permanently remove uterine fibroids. However, after this procedure, pregnancy is impossible. 

For example, according to the Canadian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (JOCG), Canada performs more than 41,000 hysterectomies each year. Therefore, more and more hysterectomy operations are expected to have a positive impact on segment growth in the prognosis period. However, uterine fibroids removal surgery is considered to be the standard care for removing fibroids and preserving the uterus, and gives the patient a chance to stay healthy. Unlike hysterectomy, this procedure preserves fertility. Depending on the size and location of the fibroids, there are different ways to perform uterine fibroids. Today, some surgeons perform single-port (one incision) robotic and laparoscopic myomectomy. Larger fibroids can be removed through smaller incisions by dividing them into pieces called shredded to remove fibroids. Therefore, it is expected that the increase in the number of patients’ preference for non-invasive treatment will promote the growth of the market segment at a significant speed in the future.


North America dominates the laparoscopic power morcellators market and will have the largest revenue share in 2020, at 55%. Factors such as increased frequency of gynecological surgery/hospital visits, improved healthcare facilities, and increased government initiatives. It is expected that the demand for laparoscopic electric pulverizers in this region will increase during the forecast period. In addition, the availability of technologically advanced products and the presence of important key players have also promoted the growth of the laparoscopic electric pulverizer market in this region.


Major players are emphasizing R&D activities to develop technologically advanced products to make the shredder safe. For example, in May 2018, Intuitive Surgical, a global healthcare company specializing in minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery, announced that the US FDA approved its "single-port platform Da Vinci SP surgical system that utilizes various urological procedures. The system enables surgeons to use robotic-assisted technology designed for deep and narrow access to tissues. In addition, major players are adopting various strategies, such as new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, and geographic expansion, to gain more shares in the laparoscopic market. For example, in October 2019, Ethicon, Inc. and Olympus Corporation reached an agreement under which Olympus will acquire all new business activities related to Ethicon and Versapoint electrosurgical systems. Similarly, in May 2020, Minerva Surgical acquired the intrauterine health products division of Boston Scientific. Products include Symphion Tissue Removal System, Resect Tissue Resection Device and Genesys HTA system for the treatment of irregular uterine bleeding and other related diseases. Therefore, these developments are expected to significantly affect market growth during the forecast period. Some of the major players in the laparoscopic electric pulverizer market include: MedtronicKarl Storz GmbHRichard Wolf GmbHLiNA MedicalLumenis (Boston Scientific Corporation) Nouvag AGOlympus CorporationRUDOLF Medical GmbH.”

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