Labyrinth Compressors Market 2021 – 2022 | Analysis, Share, Growth, Trends, Top Key Players and Regional Forecast

Labyrinth compressors are used in large industries for the handling of processed gases such as dried carbon dioxide, combustible gases. It comprises of an airtight container which can serve procured gases at the normal specifications and works on the principle of Labyrinth effect. Labyrinth compressors have an exceptionally well-built structure which uses labyrinth seals to prevent any gas leak.

The primary users of this technology are petrochemical industry, polymer, and polysilicon industry and the industrial gas industry. They are primarily used in these industries to ensure the enhanced reliability of operations provided its superior anti-leak properties.

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The labyrinth compressors work on the principle of Labyrinth effect which ensures that the entire structure is airtight. The commonly used version is the Labyrinth Piston type compressor and comprises a piston which ensures minimum gas between the piston and the cylinder.

Market Dynamics
In today’s world, the primary concern for industries is their efficiency of operations so that the costs incurred are minimum resulting in enhanced profitability. The labyrinth compressors are used by crucial industries like petrochemical and polymer and these industries need equipment which is fool proof in the handling of the processed gases so that the expensive gases are not wasted and a better productivity is ensured.

Also, the internal working of the piston is such that the walls of the cylinder are not touched and hence, the friction is minimised and the losses and costs are minimised.

Market Segmentation
The market can be segmented on the basis of a number of factors. One of the factors is on the basis of the type of applications it is used for. This factor acts as a major driver for this market.Another factor that can be used for segmentation is the technology employed by the compressor as this determines the efficiency of the product and hence its desirability in the market based on its affordability.

Finally, the market can be segmented on the basis of the geography as the industry penetration in a particular region is a major driver for the demand.

Regional/Geographic Analysis
On the basis of geography, the major markets are the developed countries with high percentage of industrialization. Also, the countries with high oil and gas reserves are significant markets due to the large presence of petrochemical industries which need labyrinth compressors owing to a large number of operations aimed at handling gases.

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Due to the increasing industrialization in developing economies, the demand for these compressors is expected to show a positive growth trajectory. Also, the betterment of technology employed can be used at enhancing affordability to enhance further demand.

Key Players
Some prominent players in the market are Wuxi Compressor Co., Sulzer Burckhardt, Ingersol Rand, Japan Steel Works Ltd., FS Curtis and so on.

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