Biometric Market- What Are The Main Factors That Contributing Towards Industry Growth?

Establishing identity is becoming critical in the European vastly interconnected society. The need for reliable user authentication techniques has increased due to information security requirements, privacy concerns and rapid advancements in networking, communication and mobility systems. Extensive demands and deployments of biometrics are observed in airports, immigration enforcement, law enforcement, secure access control, commercial and forensic applications. Biometrics has started to gain acceptance as a legitimate method for determining an individual’s identity in many countries.

According to HSRC’s“Biometric Technologies & Market Focus on Europe 2017-2022” report, the European Biometric market (including systems sales, aftersales service and upgrades) is forecasted to grow by 92% during the report period.

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The report presents:

A. Market data – analyzed via 2 independent key perspectives:
With a highly-fragmented market, we address the “money trail” (each dollar spent is analyzed and crosschecked via 2 orthogonal viewpoints):

18 national markets:
Czech Republic
Rest of Europe
3 Revenue source markets:
Products sales
Aftersales revenues (maintenance & upgrades)
Other revenues (consulting, planning, training, contracted services and government funded R&D)
B. Detailed market analysis:

Biometrics market drivers & inhibitors
Market business opportunities
SWOT analysis
Competitive analysis
Biometrics business environment
The 2015-2022 market
C. Biometric technologies, including:

Facial recognition
Iris recognition
Voice recognition
Multimodal biometrics
Fingerprint recognition
Dynamic signature verification
Hand geometry
Palm recognition
Vein/vascular recognition
Gait recognition
DNA recognition

D. Biometric homeland security & immigration enforcement applications

E. Key Biometric vendors

The report includes the following appendices:

Appendix A: European Homeland Security & Public Safety Related Product Standards
Appendix B: The European Union Challenges and Outlook
Appendix C: Europe Migration Crisis & Border Security
Appendix D: Abbreviations
This Biometric Technologies & Market Focus on Europe 2017-2022 report is a valuable resource for executives with interests in the industry. It has been explicitly customized for industry and decision-makers to identify business opportunities, emerging technologies, market trends and risks, as well as to benchmark business plans.

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Questions answered in this 169-page report include:

What will the market size be in 2017-2022?
What are the main Biometric technologies trends?
Where and what are the Biometric market opportunities?
What are the Biometric market drivers and inhibitors?
What are the challenges to the Biometric market?
The Biometric Technologies & Market Focus on Europe 2017-2022 report presents in 169 pages, 27 tables and 48 figures, analysis of current situation in this market. This report, granulated into 36 national and revenue source submarkets, provides for each submarket 2015-2016 data and assessments, and 2017-2022 forecasts and analyses.

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