Sound Masking System Market Report 2020 Industry Trends, Share and Size, Expected CAGR, Top Manufacturers and Consumer Analysis

As per the Eurostat, the total value of the ICT sector in Europe, including the ICT manufacturing and ICT services, was estimated to be more than EUR 475 billion in 2017. In this sector, the ICT services account for the major share as it is predicted to be ten times larger than the share held by ICT manufacturing. ICT services consist of computer programming, consultancy and related activities which held about 49.1% share while the telecommunications activities held around 30.3% share in the segment in 2017. These factors are estimated to impact the market growth in a positive manner in the next few years.

Market Analysis
One of the vital elements for an enterprise is Workplace acoustics. It increases the productivity, privacy, and comfort of employees. Hence, positioning sound masking systems in the workplace allows speech privacy of workforces in the open, as well as in private offices. The systems produce a soft, unobtrusive background sound with the usage of a loudspeaker system. A sound masking system is a standalone system that includes speakers, hardware module, adaptive sensors, and amplifiers that enhance the modest sound to an environment to hide useless disturbing noises. The ambient sound level becomes more uniform, thereby preventing unwanted conversations and other noise disruptions.

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This allows less diversions and offers employees the skill able to concentrate better, thereby providing better results and increasing productivity. According to MRFR analysis, the sound masking systems market is projected to register modest growth during the forecast period. The growing need for smart spaces and buildings in the work environment, developments in building systems such as quieter HVAC systems, requires for superior ceiling tiles and improved design techniques for dropping the ambient background sound, and need for additional speech privacy are some of the factors that are lashing the growth of the market.

Instead, elevated installation costs and shortage of awareness between the small- and medium-sized enterprises are some of the challenging factors for the growth of the market. In the year 2025, CAGR with a market value of 171.38 million, the Global Sound Masking System Market is projected to expand the market at 4.8% CAGR. Due to the cumulative demand for sound masking system in business offices to reduce noise disruptions and provide speech privacy, the market in India is anticipated to register the highest CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period. Also, the presence of companies such as Alfa Eco Care Projects Pvt Ltd, and Tarte Engineers Pvt. Ltd is an additional factor in charge for the growth of the sound masking system market in the country.

Market Segmentation
Sound Masking System Market can be classified on by type and by application. By type Sound Masking System Market can be segmented into 2 segments, Networked and Non-Networked. By application the Sound Masking System Market can be segmented into hospitals & healthcare, hotels, offices, education, and others. The networked segment was responsible for the major market share in the year 2018, however the non-networked segment is anticipated to register the greater CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period. In the year 2018, the offices segment was responsible for the major market share of 36.1% in the year 2018, while hospitals & healthcare is expected to register higher CAGR during the assessment period.

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Regional Analysis
Geographically, the global sound masking system market has been split into the regions like US, Europe, China, Japan, India, South-East Asia, Central & South America, and Rest of the World. The major market size for the sound masking system in the year 2018 was held by Europe due to the presence of major key players of the market such as Soft dB Northern Europe, AET GB Limited, , K.R. Moeller Associates Ltd in the country.

Major Players
Soundmask Global Pty Ltd (Australia), Speech Privacy Systems (US), AtlasIED (US), AET (UK), SoftDB (Canada), Dukane AV Inc. (US), Cambridge Sound Management (US), K.R. Moeller Associates Ltd (Canada), Lencore (US), Pro Circuit Inc. (US) and Jade Communications Inc.(US) are some of the key players of the global sound masking system market.

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