Integrated Telecom Infrastructure Market Size with Global Demand Analysis and Business Opportunities Outlook 2023

Market Synopsis

The Integrated Telecom Infrastructure Market is estimated to record a significant growth throughout the forecast period. The ICT sector constitutes 4.8% of the European economy. Europe’s organization ERDF i.e. European Regional Development Fund has allotted approximately USD 23 billion for investments related to ICT during the funding period 2014-2020. ICT refers to the communication technologies including the internet, wireless networks, social networking, cell phones, video-conferencing, computers, software, and other media applications and services enabling users to access, retrieve, and manipulate information in a digital form.

The integrated telecom infrastructure market is growing at a fast rate owing to advancements in 5G spectrum, growing demand for smartphone and advancements in the mobile communication technology. The infrastructure of telecommunication sharing is generally divided into active and passive, which includes civil infrastructure, electrical and electronic infrastructure, network infrastructure, and management layer infrastructure. These are basically the infrastructure sharing components, also known as cell site, consisting of electronic and non-electronic infrastructure. The passive infrastructure is sharing the non-electronic infrastructure at the cell site, which includes civil infrastructure components such as antennas, cables, ducts, power source, shelter, etc.

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This forms a basic and important infrastructure as far as integrated telecom is concerned. On the other hand, the active infrastructure is sharing the electronic infrastructure such as couplers, amplifiers, rectifier, repeaters, microcontrollers, network devices, and many more. This includes the network and electrical infrastructure. The major factor that drives the market growth of integrated telecom infrastructure is the advancement in telecommunication and wireless technology like VoLTE, and 5G. Many countries are adopting the 5G technology for better call quality, higher spectrum, and cheaper infrastructure.


The integrated telecom infrastructure market is segmented into services, components, and infrastructure type. On the basis of services, the market is  further segmented into professional services, technical services, and managed services. The professional services includes network consulting (network designing and planning), system integration (network migration and transformation), and network optimization. The professional services lead market since they are the most used services and they serve as a backbone to the integrated telecom infrastructure.

On the other hand, the technical services include, deployment (installation and commission), maintenance (repair and replacement), and support (helpdesk and trouble shooting). The technical service is growing at a fast rate owing to the lack of experienced and skilled labor encouraging the companies to adopt the automation of helpdesk support, troubleshooting, and installation. The managed services include network outsourcing, and hosted & managed services and applications.

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On the basis of components, the market is segmented into power component, network component, telecom tower, video component, and network management component. The power component provides the required power to operate the electrical equipment like antenna receivers, antenna transmitters, network devices (routers, switches, modems) and transmission devices (repeaters, amplifiers).

However, the network component is leading this market segment as it includes the LAN, MAN, and WAN technology required for the widespread of telecom network. In addition to network component, optical component plays an equally important role as it includes fiber optic cables, optical transmitters, and couplers. The Video component is expected to increase at a fast rate as this is the result of the advancement in VoLTE and 5G technology.

On the basis of infrastructure type, the market is sub-segmented in to civil infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, network infrastructure, and management layer infrastructure. These infrastructure are important in the overall operation of the telecommunication. The management layer infrastructure segment is growing at the fastest rate owing to constantly growing need for upgrades and maintenance.

Regional Analysis

The regional analysis covers the geographical regions like North America, Europe, Asia pacific and Rest of the world. Asia pacific is the leading region and is projected to experience a fastest growth during the forecast period owing to increasing government spending to adopt VoLTE and other advanced mobile telecommunication technologies.

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Europe and North America regions are matured integrated telecom infrastructure market as these regions are the early adopters of these technologies and continues to show a steady growth. However, major upgrade in the telecommunication sector are taking place in these regions to improve the communication and create a more integrated infrastructure.

Key Players

Sone of the key players in the integrated telecom infrastructure market: Nu Tek India ltd. (India), Texas Instruments Inc (U.S.), CROC Inc (Russia), Tech Mahindra Limited (India), Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (U.S.), Experis IT Pvt. Ltd, ZTE Corporation (China), Nokia Networks (Finland), NEC Corporation (Japan), Ericsson (Sweden), and Siemens AG (Germany).The global integrated telecom infrastructure market is expected to reach USD 60 billion at a CAGR of 26% during the forecasted period 2017-2023.

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