Commercial Satellite Broadband Market Size with Global Demand Analysis and Business Opportunities Outlook 2023

As per the Eurostat, the total value of the ICT sector in Europe, including the ICT manufacturing and ICT services, was estimated to be more than EUR 475 billion in 2017. In this sector, the ICT services account for the major share as it is predicted to be ten times larger than the share held by ICT manufacturing. ICT services consist of computer programming, consultancy and related activities which held about 49.1% share while the telecommunications activities held around 30.3% share in the segment in 2017. These factors are estimated to impact the market growth in a positive manner in the next few years.

Market Synopsis of Global Commercial Satellite Broadband Market:The satellite broadband is the internet connectivity that is provided by the low earth orbiting or geostationary satellites. With the advancements in the Ka band technology, the satellite broadband services hold the tendency to replace the wired internet connectivity. The major factor that drive the growth of the commercial satellite broadband market is the ability to reach the unserved or rural areas where the wired or other connectivity fails to reach. The satellite broadband connectivity at present is expensive but is expected to decrease in the upcoming years due to the advancements in the internet connectivity technology. The commercial satellite broadband attracts many of the end users like civil defense, hospitals, education, small enterprises, and public safety. The satellite broadband connectivity proves beneficial in situations like natural disasters or emergency, when the traditional means of internet connectivity breaks down.

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It proves even more beneficial for the rural areas in emergency situations where the internet connectivity is limited. However, the major issues that arise is with the limitation of bandwidth which again gives rise to the limited speeds and lags in the overall speed as the data packets has to travel a huge distance. Although the satellite broadband market is expensive, the government and many independent organizations are making initiatives to launch an affordable and faster internet connectivity by introducing the pay per use plans, monthly plans and yearly plans. The market for satellite broadband holds a larger footprint in the matured regions like North America and Europe and is increasing significantly in Asia pacific region.


The global commercial satellite market is segmented on the basis of component, frequency band and end – users. On the basis of component, the segmentation is further bifurcated under satellite, gateway, antenna, modem, and network operations center (NOC). All of these components form a complete satellite broadband system. A satellite is a low earth orbiting or a geostationary satellite revolving around the earth and covering the major footprints. Gateways are the ground stations that transmit the data from the satellite to the consumer side and vice versa. The signals are typically in the form of radio waves. The satellite system also includes antennas which basically the large aperture dish mounted on the consumer side and a modem that directs the signals from the antenna to the end device like a computer or a mobile. The component usage is more on the consumer side and decreases as we move up in the segment.

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On the basis of frequency band, the segmentation is divided into Ka band, Ku band, C band among others. Most of the satellite communication happens in the above mentioned bands. Though, Ka band is leading the market for the commercial satellite broadband due to its heavy adoption and higher data rates.On the basis of end users, the market is segmented under civil defense, hospitals, education, small and medium enterprises, government agencies and in public safety. Among these, civil defense, hospitals and public safety turn to be the leading segment as these are closely linked with the emergency services. The satellite broadband internet can replace the traditional telephone line and wired broadband which becomes unusable at the time of natural disaster.

Regional Analysis:

The commercial satellite broadband market is also segmented on the basis of region under North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world. North America and Europe turn out to be the dominating regions in the commercial satellite due to the already established wired broadband market and advancements in the internet technologies. However, Asia Pacific and rest of the world show a significant growth in terms of the growth in usage and application of the satellite broadband as these areas include the rural and least internet connectivity.The global commercial satellite broadband market is expected to reach approximately USD 170 Million by the end of 2023 with approximate 10% CAGR during the forecast period from 2017 – 2023.

Key Players:

The global commercial satellite broadband market holds some of the prominent key vendors like Hughes Communications, Inc (U.S.), ViaSat Inc.(U.S.), Eutelsat S.A.(France), Thaicom Public Company Limited (Thailand), EarthLink Holding Corp.(U.S.), Dish Network LLC (U.S.), Avonline Satellite Solutions Ltd (U.K.), Speedcast International Limited (Australia), Skycasters LLC (U.S.), Inmarsat PLC (U.K.), Iridium Communications Inc. (U.S.), Globalstar, Inc. (U.S.) among others. The market leaders keep constantly innovating in the Ka frequency band to make more effective and faster two way communication.

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