Active Data Warehousing Market | Trends, Share, Growth Rate, Opportunities and Market Forecast to 2022

Market Dynamics

Growing recognition of the importance of data based decision making is one of the main growth drivers of the global active data warehousing market. Adoption of new technology that can handle huge amounts of data efficiently and at relatively lower costs has also helped in expansion of the market.

Ability to gain insights from huge amounts of data has attracted different types of organisations, hence resulting in large market size. The need for companies to maintain competitive advantage by adopting new technologies has encouraged more and more firms to adopt active data warehousing systems.

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Active data warehousing technology is used to record transactional data as and when they occur and integrate that data with the central data warehouse. Active data warehousing can also be used to maintain batched and scheduled cycle refreshes.

Real time data warehousing systems can be built using this technology. Active data warehousing systems can be of different types like premise based, cloud based, and hybrid systems. Increasing importance of data analytics in business decisions is one of the main growth drivers of the market.

End Users
The end users of the global active data warehousing market can be categorized as business organisations, research institutes, government organisations, and others. Business organisations mainly use this technology to gain insights that can help them achieve their business objectives. Research institutes use this technology to test and verify new hypotheses and ideas. Government organisations use this technology to better implement various policies and also monitor the impact of those policies.

However, the market also faces a few constraints such as reluctance to change from traditional systems and high initial cost of implementation. Lack of skilled workforce and data security and privacy are some other constraints that can hamper the growth of the market. Hence, companies need to develop products that are easy to implement and maintain, and have high levels of data security, in order to ensure sustained growth of the market.

Market Segmentation
The global active data warehousing market can be segmented based on type of deployment, end users, and geography.
Based on type of deployment, the market can be segmented as cloud based, on premise, and hybrid models. Currently, high rate of growth can be observed in the cloud based and hybrid model segments.
Based on end user, the market can be segmented as business organisations, research institutes, government organisations, and others.

Regional/Geographic Analysis
Geographically, the global active data warehousing market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Latin America, Middle East and Africa (LAMEA) regions. Currently North America accounts for the largest share of the market. However, there is considerable growth potential in the APAC region due to growing adoption and implementation of technology.

Key players
Some of the major players in the global active data warehousing market are IBM, Teradata, Kognitio, Cloudera, Oracle, etc.

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