Impact of COVID-19 on Dyslexia Treatment Market Size, Share, Top Key Players

Market Synopsis

The Global Dyslexia Treatment Market is expected to hold a value of USD 26,884.5 Million by 2025 at a CAGR of 6.5%.Dyslexia is a neurological learning disorder in which the patient faces difficulty in reading, writing, and remembering words. Special teaching techniques have been employed to improve dyslexia at an early stage, there are organizations, such as Dyslexia International, and online programs to address the learning and reading problems that are caused by this disorder. These factors fuel the global dyslexia market growth. Additionally, individual educating programs and use of special tools such as visual techniques, memory aids, and computers for math practice are also impacting the growth of the market positively.

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Market Influencer

The increasing initiatives by government and institutes such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and o the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) support dyslexia research through grants to major research institutions across the country.

Market Drivers

The exponential number of children who have dyslexia are likely to act as a promising factor for the growth of the market in the near future. According to the US-based dyslexia center, more than 15% of the students were affected by dyslexia in 2016 in Canada. Around 15 in 100 students every year are found to be dyslexic in India, and 30 million to 50 million children had dyslexia in India in 2016.Increasing research in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to develop mental health products drives the market growth.

Growing government support for the development of different technologically advanced learning devices and memory devices. A large number of children diagnosed with dyslexia. 70-80% of the population has poor reading skills, and countrywide 20% of the primary school population is struggling with reading and likely to have dyslexia.Dyslexia also causes stress and depression in many children which may cause lack of self-confidence which increases the demand for this product.A large number of research institutes supporting dyslexia treatment

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Market Restraints

Lack of awareness about dyslexia and its symptoms

No early diagnosis of dyslexia


By Type Of Dyslexia

Phonological Dyslexia: It is the largest and fastest-growing segment due to a large number of children facing difficulty in reading and understating languages. Phonological dyslexia is characterized by the difficulty in reading unfamiliar or difficult words.Surface Dyslexia: Is the difficulty in remembering and reading difficult words.

By Treatment

Drug Class: This is expected to be the largest segment, owing to the increased funding by the health ministry to develop therapeutic drugs to treat the symptoms caused by dyslexia. The presence of different treatment methods such as a drug to treat central nervous disorder also drives market growth.Tools: There are different apps and online programs available to improve reading and writing abilities for all age groups. The visualizing tools also help understand and memorize words and mathematical problems.Educational Techniques: This is expected to be the largest segment, owing to a large number of schools and education centers for the children suffering from dyslexia.

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By End-User

Psychiatric Institutions/ hospitals: The psychiatric institutions include mental health units, mental hospitals, mental asylums, or simply asylums and the counseling centers.

Home Care: It is the fastest-growing segment owing to the preference of techniques used at home to treat dyslexia.

Others: This segment includes special schools and training institutes.

By Region

Americas: Holds the largest market share in global dyslexia. Countries such as the US and Canada have a large number of adults who have dyslexia. In America5 to 15 % that is 14.5 to 43.5 million children and adults have dyslexia. This contributes to the growth of the dyslexia treatment market in this region.

Europe: The learning disorder among the European population and the increasing awareness about dyslexia and its symptoms by the European Dyslexia Association and other associations is expected to boost the growth of the dyslexia treatment market in the European region.

Asia-Pacific: The Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to be the fastest-growing region in the global dyslexia treatment market. This region is witnessing an increase in the number of people afflicted with the inability to reading, writing, and also making spelling errors due to the lack of early diagnosis of this disorder. This increases the demands for dyslexia treatment methods.

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Middle East & Africa: The smallest market due to inadequate healthcare infrastructure and limited exposure to technological advancements.

Key Players

Pfizer Inc. (US)

Jubilant Cadista (US)

Micro Labs (India)

Srikem Labs (India)

Gangwal Chemicals Pvt. Ltd (India)

Novartis AG (UK)

Purdue Pharma (US)

RPG Life Sciences Ltd (India)

Wallace Pharmaceuticals Ltd (US)

Cian Healthcare Pvt Ltd (India)

GlaxoSmithKline (UK)

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (Israel)

Eli Lilly & Company (US)

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