Ryan Montgomery

The Journey Of Ryan Montgomery From An Ethical Hacker To De-Addiction Evangelist

Addictions. We all got them. It is what makes us who we are. Some are addicted to multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, while others cannot take their minds and eyes off social media. As we grow older, addictions increase, and the control weakens. In this day and age, where your life and this world have become unpredictable, it gets challenging to curb the addictions and gain control. In such situations, people turn towards their friends, family members, mentors, and also strangers to help them become de-addicts. A former ethical hacker and an ex-addict himself, Ryan Montgomery is on a mission to help people get over their struggles.

At a very early age, Ryan Montgomery had a fondness for computers and dug deep into internet marketing and software development. In a short span, he became one of the most talked-about ethical hackers in the community. Ryan is a Certified Ethical Hacker and also an Offensive Security Certified Professional. He worked on various projects and made quite a fortune, which eventually upped his professional reputation. However, as the adage goes, “fame often brings misfortune,” Ryan developed a drug addiction, which got him into trouble with the authorities. After doing time and realizing his mistakes, he immediately made amends and decided to help others beat their addictions.

Along with his friend, Christopher Ferry, Ryan formed Boca Recovery Center, which has helped numerous individuals get back on their feet. Moreover, Ryan continues to use his skills as an internet marketing and software development professional to make a living. At just 26 years of age, Ryan is not only an expert in his field but a solid survivor.  Adapting a chemical dependency is very easy, but getting out of it is just as tough. People who get rid of their addictions and begin a new life from thereon are the real heroes. Sometimes, all it takes for an addict to reform is determination, and simply love and support.

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