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Not Dillon: How A Top Sales Guy Found His Calling In Music Production

Success is meant for those born with a drive. It takes a uniquely driven person to succeed in one career and an exceptionally talented person to succeed in two. Most people will find themselves job-hopping until they land in their dream job, but it is the drive that separates talent from the amateurs. Music producer, artist, and DJ Not Dillon’s rise to fame is ubiquitous with that same drive seen in the industry’s most prominent artists. 

Dillon Shamoun, widely known as Not Dillon, broke into the music scene after a remarkable career in sales. Originally from Detroit, MI Dillon splits his time between his native city and Nashville, TN. A graduate of Michigan State University Dillon’s climb to success can be attributed directly to his strong work ethic. The type of man who never backs down from a challenge, Dillon isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the work done. 

Before embarking on his epic music career, Dillon was one of the top sales professionals at both Apple and Quicken Loans. “After college, I was eager,” states Dillon. “I was hungry for success and driven to excel.” While he was breaking records in the business world, Dillon found his true passion for music and never looked back. Dillon explains, “I became passionate about music after attending music festivals and meeting my current group of friends. They travel the world and play in front of audiences that number in the thousands. I knew that was where I was meant to be.”

After playing a few festivals, he was hooked, and he brought his drive with him into the music industry. With three years in the business, Dillon already hit one million streams worldwide on self-releases and ten million streams on projects he’s worked on for others. Currently, trending #1 on SoundCloud and at the top of Spotify’s curated playlists, Dillon shows no signs of slowing down. “This is my calling,” says Dillon. “If you want something in your life, don’t sit around and wait for it to come to you. Get out there and get it for yourself.” Truly a career built on perseverance and passion, Dillon travels the world doing what he loves. Songwriter, producer, manager, and DJ Not Dillon’s journey is exceptional, he is motivated to seize every waking moment, and it reflects in his numbers. Whether it be millions of dollars in the corporate world or millions of streams in the music world, this sales guy turned music mogul is shattering records everywhere he goes.

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