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Increasing Sales for Your E-Commerce Store

The digital age brings with itself endless opportunities just a click away, from passive income through ad revenue to attracting more customers to your business via social media, it is no wonder that even the most traditional and old fashioned are turning to the internet for their career.

E-commerce in a nutshell

Some risk-taking, business-minded, and ambitious individuals may have come across the possibilities to be unlocked from e-commerce. Global online retail sales are expected to reach $3.46 trillion this year with every one in four shoppers buying online twice every week. Now is the best time to start your own e-commerce business, free from the complications and risks associated with brick-and-mortar businesses. With e-commerce, hopeful entrepreneurs can take advantage of full flexibility, a limitless marketplace, low initial investment. However, with every bustling business opportunity comes plenty of (strong) competition.

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A successful e-commerce store is set apart from its competition by:

  • A strong, compelling website
  • Effective social media marketing
  • High-quality customer interaction and feedback
  • Great comeback from marketing tools used
  • And much, much more!

The level of maintenance and strategy required for guaranteed e-commerce success is something that most simply does not have any experience in. The most important tool a start-up e-commerce, or rather any e-commerce store can have under their belt is CRO (conversion rate optimization). All the skills listed above ultimately lead to CRO: the key to a prosperous e-commerce business.

What exactly is CRO?

Conversion rate, when pertaining to e-commerce, is the rate at which a viewer of your website is converted into a customer. Customers can be formed by a purchase, creating an account or signing themselves up for your email list.  So, if 1000 people viewed your website and 50 of them were converted into a customer, you would have a 5% conversion rate.

Understanding what conservation rate is, it is pretty obvious then why it’s important. Profits come mostly from loyal customers, and a high conversion rate means a greater number of customers who are likely to buy your product more than once.

Conversion rate optimization is the (rather complex) process of increasing the conversion rate or the ratio of buyers to the ratio of mere viewers. The fully-managed CRO solution includes, but is not limited to comprehensive conversion audit, custom A/B testing roadmap, its development, and implementation, data-driven website redesign, user testing, and strategic conversion advisement. To make things more challenging, aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs have to keep increasing their creativity and improving their strategies to rise above their competition, which cannot be achieved by simply following a rulebook.

Knowing what your customer is thinking, drawing conclusions from customer analytics, building trust and loyalty with customers is no piece of cake. However, an easier solution to all these challenges is readily available.

Introducing Upstate Media

Upstate Media created an integrated conversion rate optimization system to offer e-commerce stores an understanding of the reasons why people are leaving the website and not completing the purchase. The data-driven optimization solution is designed to fix it, and turn more visitors into buyers.

All you have to do is build your product to perfection. That’s it! You get to focus on your product quality, and nothing else.

According to Maksim Grevtsov, the founder of Upstate Media, “We’re creating a custom-tailored solution for every client because there’s no “one size fits all” in e-commerce. Every market, every demographic, and every product is different and requires a unique, data-driven approach.” Working with Upstate Media for your very own e-commerce plan, built solely for your business, will allow Upstate Media to take care of

  • Building long term relationships with influencers;
  • Understanding your customers and what they want;
  • Increasing the conversion rate by up to 500%;
  • Facebook ads scaling strategies.

Upstate Media takes care of all of the things which would otherwise require weeks of training and expensive online courses, taking away productive time and money that can better be invested into the quality of the product.

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