Hurricane Dorian Threatens The Coast Of North Carolina And Other Southwestern States

North Carolina witnessed Hurricane Dorian, an extremely powerful cyclone, which washed up entire shores of the area along with surrounding states including the Bahamas, Florida and South Carolina.

On Thursday, the storm reached near Cape Fear with winds blowing up to a speed of 100 mph and flooding the coast of North Carolina. The hurricane peaked at Category 5 intensity on September 1 and later weakened to Category 1 intensity on Friday with wind speed up to 90 mph.

The heavy rains and wind storms are surging in North Carolina and Southeast Virginia which is severely affecting the population as more than 300,000 residents belonging to North and South Carolina were without any power overnight as of Friday morning. The water levels rose up to four feet high in coastal areas and even up to seven to eight feet high in some places.

Hurricane Dorian has taken more than 30 lives in Bahamas till now and this number is expected to increase as the storm is showing no signs of collapse. It has caused damage worth billions of dollars in Bahamas with the tropical storm lasting around 12 to 24 hours in parts of North and South Carolina. It led to the formation of several other tornadoes which increased the damage further.

Rescue teams have been deployed in the Dorian-affected areas to save the people affected by the tornadoes in North Carolina and Southeast Virginia. In Virginia, National Weather Service briefing reported on Thursday that the risk of tornadoes was high till Friday morning in the southeast part of the state. Several watches and warnings went into effect in the affected areas by the National Hurricane Center, as this was expected to be the worst time period for the state.

The states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Virginia have issued compulsory evacuation orders to the residents and have declared this a state of emergency.

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