Handheld Melanoma Scanner Market Overview 2017-2024 by Top Key Vendors Of Global Market : Strata Skin Sciences, Verisante, MedX Health and others

Handheld melanoma scanner is an advanced medical device which is used to scan the skin for dangerous skin lesions. Further, these handheld scanners are used for detection of signs of melanoma. Working of this device is based on imaging technology used in missiles navigation system. Handheld melanoma scanners scan the skin and detect moles. It provides information about the moles whether the mole is dangerous or not. Moreover, handheld melanoma scanners are very effective and reliable in detection of melanomas (skin cancers tumors) signs.

Market Size & Forecast

Global Handheld Melanoma Scanners Market is expected to expand at robust pace during the forecast period i.e. 2017-2024. Global market of handheld melanoma scanners is anticipated to rise on the account of growing skin cancer therapeutics market during the forecast period. Further, various factors such as rising prevalence of melanoma skin cancers and improvement in health care sector are expected to bolster the growth of global handheld melanoma scanner market over the forecast period.

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Regionally, North America region is anticipated to dominate the global market of handheld melanoma scanner. Rising prevalence of melanoma skin cancer, growing skin cancer treatment rates are expected to foster the growth of North America handheld melanoma scanner Market. USA is the major contributor to growth of market in North America region owing to large population and rising prevalence of melanoma cancer in this country.

Moreover, Asia Pacific region is also anticipated to experience a satisfactory growth during the forecast period. Further, India, China & Japan are likely to be the major market of handheld melanoma scanner market in this region.

Additionally, Europe region is also expected to grow at adequate rate during the forecast period. This growth of Europe handheld melanoma scanner market can be attributed to high rate of melanoma cancer treatment rate in this region.

Leading Key Players of Global Market:

The major players for handheld melanoma scanner market are as follows:

  • Strata Skin Sciences
  • Verisante
  • MedX Health

Key potential companies that may enter into the manufacturing of handheld melanoma scanner are:

  • Abbott Laboratory
  • Medtronic
  • Siemens AG
  • Baxter International Inc.
  • Agilent Technology
  • Roche
  • AstraZeneca
  • Scope & Context

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Growth Drivers and Challenges

Rising prevalence of melanoma skin cancer and enhancement of healthcare sector are some of the key factors which are likely to drive the growth of global market of handheld melanoma scanner.

Further, detection of melanomas in order to achieve sufficient time for proper treatment of melanoma cancers is a major concern nowadays. This rising concern towards early detection of melanoma cancer signs is also a major factor which is anticipated to foster the growth of global market.

Increasing technological advancements with medical devices and high adoption of potential technologies in healthcare sector are some major factors which are likely to drive the growth of global handheld melanoma scanner market.

High investment by skin cancer diagnostic & therapeutic companies and several government initiatives are also key factors which are driving the growth of market of handheld melanoma scanners. Additionally, growing approval and uptake of premium price products such as handheld melanoma scanner is also envisioned to bolster the growth of global handheld melanoma scanner market in near future.

However, unavailability of handheld melanoma scanner in some of the emerging economies coupled with high treatment cost of melanoma skin cancer are some of the major factor which are restraining the growth of handheld melanoma scanner market.

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