Carro Revealed its Subscription-Based Car Service in Singapore

Carro Revealed its Subscription-Based Car Service in Singapore

There is a good news for the natives of Singapore for whom owning a car from now onwards is not a problem anymore and what’s more? They can change the cars according to their convenience, all of that without having to deal with the usual stress of conventional car ownership.

The largest automotive marketplace of Southeast Asia, Carro launched a subscription-based service via which the consumers can avail the services by paying a monthly fee ranging from S$ 1,199 to S$ 1,999. From owning as compact as Volkswagen Golf or Toyota Altis to SUVs or even luxury cars such as Mercedes and BMW, the clients can comfortably avail these services without having to worry about any complications. Comprising of warranty, 24-hour assistance, road tax and even maintenance charges, the monthly plan covers all the costs associated with car ownership.

In a statement given by Aaron Tan, the founder and chief executive officer of Carro, he said that it takes nearly six years by a normal person to pay off their car loan and two-third among them trade their vehicle even before paying it off and yet, jump to another loan. In order to overcome these struggles, this initiative by Carro is believed to empower the consumers allowing them to drive the car of their choice with a choice to return it at any time. Available in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, the subscription-based services comprises of three plans; the ‘daily’ plan for compact cars at S$ 1,199 a month, the ‘Roomy’ plan for SUVs or off-road vehicles at S$ 1,499 per month and the premium plan called ‘Fancy’ for luxury cars at S$ 1,999 for a month.

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