Contraceptive Jewelry

Contraceptive Jewelry to Help Birth Control – Now You Can Manage Your Birth Control with Jewelry

We often come across the stories regarding unwanted pregnancies or how having a baby was unplanned and how undesirable it is for most of the couples. In the United States, around half of the pregnancies are unplanned. Unintended pregnancy increases the risk of complicated health problems for both the mother and her baby.

Other than poor women or women with lower income and lesser knowledge, the main reason that contributes to the highest rate of such pregnancies comes from not using contraception, especially from its uneven or incorrect intake. If you are one of those women who forget to take their birth control pills or undergo problems while administrating them, then the scientists at Georgia Tech has just the right solution for you. They have developed a unique solution for birth control that comes in the form of a ring, necklace, earring, and a wrist watch. Each one of them is assimilated with a transdermal patch that contains levonorgestrel which is a hormonal medication used in numerous techniques of birth control. The transdermal patch is the main part of the jewelry and comprises of three layers, one that attaches if to the jewelry and the other that makes contact with the skin. The middle layer holds the powdered form of the drug that is administered transdermally into the blood stream.

Unwanted pregnancy not only leads to emotional woes but it is also considered as the major reproductive health problem around the globe. The socioeconomic impacts of such issues further influence the governments of different nations to plan birth control as it does not just affect the physical health of a woman but overall results in economic slowdown too. According to WHO (World Health Organization), the number of unsafe abortions during the period of 2010-2014 was predicted to be around 25 million leading to an estimated 7 million complications. More than 30 out of every 100000 women with unsafe abortions die in developed regions whereas in the developing regions, the number increases to 220 deaths per 100000 unsafe abortions. Women going through such abortions deal with a series of problems some of which have a life-threatening impact on their well-being.

The jewelry works in the same way as the pills do i.e. by passing the infused synthetic hormones at a steady rate (1.7 μg/cm2·h, when tested on pigs) into the bloodstream through the skin. Despite the removal of contraceptive jewelry just like regular jewelry during the night, the technology still maintained the required level of levonorgestrel, at least to the indicated level for averting pregnancy.

The scientists at the university emphasized on how the correct usage of contraceptive hormones almost provide the complete solution to prevent pregnancy. According to them, the contraceptive earrings are highly effective.

Georgia Tech or the Georgia Institute of Technology is a public research and tech university in Atlanta, Georgia.

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