Tengai- The Robot who Conducts Unbiased Interviews

There are a lot of times when we feel like that the interviewers judge us by our appearance and not by our skills. Worrying about the questions was not enough that now, we also have to deal with the dilemma of how to appear just not to get rejected! Where proper etiquettes and clothing plays an important part in displaying professionalism, there are a lot of other reasons such as age, religion and body types that either become a plus point or become the cause for rejection. Based on a research, more than 60% of the of the candidates seeking job in Sweden believe that they had been judged or discriminated in their interviews based on their age, gender, their physical disabilities, weight, sexual inclinations and other factors related to their overall appearance.

With a concern to overcome such situations and eliminating the need to impress the interviewer, let us introduce to the Swedish Robot- Tengai who might be the first of its kind to conduct unbiased interviews in the world. Instead of using human interviewers, the Furhat Robotics with their global partnership with the Swedish recruitment and staffing consultancy company-TNG have developed the first robot, named ‘Tengai Unbiased’ in an attempt to eradicate partiality from the recruitment process and look beyond bigotries that would not only give the right people to have a chance at the career of their choice but would also help in enhancing the diversity and overall sustainability of a workplace. The copies of the interview will then be forwarded to hiring managers that will help them to decide the next stage for the selected candidates.

When it comes to its applications in conducting interviews, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is playing a major role in eliminating discrimination and selecting the appropriate people for the required job. Earlier at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium this year, Volvo caught the attention of media when it showed its first AI-driven car HR90 that could recruit its own mechanics.

The smart combination of AI & Robotics, Tengai is about 40 cm tall and sits at an eye level directly across her applicants and asks them a series of questions while mimicking human expressions to give that ‘human’ touch to the interview.

After earning a graduation in information technology, Sara Earnshaw opted for a Master in mass communication from University of Nebraska Lincoln. Sara Earnshaw began her career by working as a correspondent in Southeast Asia. After that she moved back to the US and started covering science and technology stories.

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