Top 5 Tech Trends 2019

What are the Top 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2019?

A lot of unpredictable trends have been invented with years of knowledge and advancement in technology. There is hardly a domain that is deprived of technology. With technology being the backbone of today’s business environment, we bring to you the five tech trends to watch out in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

As of today, everybody is aware of AI or Artificial Intelligence as there is barely an industry where it has not created a buzz. Be it computer science, agriculture or business, there have been a lot of advancement in today’s world starting from as small as smart assistants, image/ speech or pattern recognition, video games and navigation to smart home appliances and semi-automatic cars to other such developments. Even your brain activity can be translated into speech by AI.

We already use more of AI in our daily lives than we realize!


Drones have advanced their area of applications in defense services to a lot of others industries such as media & entertainment, consumer sector and high-resolution aerial imaging among others such as agriculture where the intelligent technology saves both time and money when it comes to crop spraying in the fields.

Easy to maintain, drones are believed to affect agriculture job sector but its trending growth in numerous sectors is believed to bring significant amount of jobs in many regions of the world.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores information across the grid of personal computers which is open to people in accordance with the type of blockchain they are using i.e. Public Blockchain, Private and Hybrid Public-Private Blockchain. It reduces the need of intermediaries and is the most trending technology creating trust among customers because of the way it tracks and saves data.

IoT-Internet of Things

The technology that works on a simple concept of connecting all the devices via radio frequency identification (RFID) with the help of routers, actuators and sensors introduces us to IoT or the Internet of Things. For future operation and difficulties, this technology saves all the working data of the connected devices over the internet.

IOT has its applications in numerous areas such as smart home applications, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, old-age care, automation etc.


All of the above mentioned technologies include a lot of personal data and need an assured cloud storage. Any kind of intrusion or loss to this data could lead to unsurmountable damage.

So, in attempt to avoid data breaches and make sure that the private information or credentials of people or an organization as a whole are safe, cybersecurity is always trending and trying to stay up-to-date with detecting and managing cyber-attacks.

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