Trump wants GM to do something about their Ohio Plant!

Lordstown GM plant rolled off their last Chevrolet Cruze before ending their assembly plant as well as the production of the Cruze in the United States, to which President Donald Trump reacted and urged to keep the plant from stopping its operation. In his tweet, he expressed his unhappiness pointing to the closure amidst the boom in country’s economy. He revealed his conversation with Barra, the Chairwoman and CEO of General Motor Co. to either sell the plant or do something about it immediately. According to him, she blamed it on the UAW Union. He mentioned Toyota’s five year plan to invest USD 13.5 Billion in U.S. and suggested to ‘act quickly’ and insisted to reopen the GM’s Ohio plant, in a different form or with a different owner.

Including the Lordstown unit which was first of the five units in North America, the major global automaker announced to cut up around 14, 000 jobs in these plants. The company is slated to resolve the future of its unallocated plants with the UAW, an American labor union representing the workers in Canada, the United States including its unincorporated territory- Puerto Rico. It has already placed more than a thousand employees from these plants to other GM factories. In a statement given by GM, the last Cruze making its way through the unit was an emotional moment for the Lordstown team. The shutdown has further resulted in the loss of more than 1300 jobs. Driven by the latest customer expectations, the company is planning to shift its focus to manufacturing SUV’s, electric and autonomous automobiles and trucks.

After earning a graduation in information technology, Sara Earnshaw opted for a Master in mass communication from University of Nebraska Lincoln. Sara Earnshaw began her career by working as a correspondent in Southeast Asia. After that she moved back to the US and started covering science and technology stories.

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