Arkansas’s 27-Year old Survives Countless Dog Bites

Not only most of us have phobia revolving injections but to save ourselves from those spiny shots, we would go afar and try to save ourselves from the situations that might put us into one of our biggest nightmares-the needles! And one such traumatic situation would be bitten by a dog or even worse-pack of dogs!

In a horrid incident, a woman from Arkansas was attacked by a pack of dogs while she was on a walk towards her home on Friday afternoon. The 27-year old was dragged by a pack of dogs behind a trailer trying to eat her alive. According to her, she tried to get hold of her phone but the dogs kept dragging her back. There was nobody in the area to stop them until her screams were heard by a woman driving by who was able to scare away the dogs. In a statement by her mother, Lisa Ennis, her daughter was mauled so brutally that even the doctor stopped counting at 200 of the dog bites on her.

Do you how many people get bitten by dogs every year in the United States? As frightening as these statistics from 2017 might sound, the number is more than 4.5 million, meaning a dog bites one out of every 69 Americans. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), more than 800,000 of these cases need medical attention and about 20-30 of these result in death. As per the data collected based on their years study from the year 1979 to 1998, around 325 people were killed by dogs.

The victim, now dealing with skin grafting procedure was among these 4.5 Million people bitten by dogs on an annual basis. Alas, it is time to be aware of all the defensing measures and be serious about protecting yourself to keep such dogs at bay!

After earning a graduation in information technology, Sara Earnshaw opted for a Master in mass communication from University of Nebraska Lincoln. Sara Earnshaw began her career by working as a correspondent in Southeast Asia. After that she moved back to the US and started covering science and technology stories.

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