Facebook under Criminal Investigation for its Data Deals

It was not long before that Facebook was penalized with a record-setting fine of more than USD 22.5 Million for violating its users’ privacy that now it has made headlines for getting under criminal investigation for its data deals. Earlier, Facebook exposed the personal details of more than 85 Million of its users to a political consulting firm-Cambridge Analytica that aided President Trump’s election campaign.

The federal prosecutors are conducting an investigation focused on Facebook’s partnerships with more than a hundred companies that included giving them access to hundreds of millions of its users’ data (sometimes without consent). The personal information further comprised of users’ friends and their contact information. Most of these partnerships with Facebook have been diminished over the last two years.

Officials has ordered two smartphone companies that were in partnership with Facebook previously to hand over the records. These companies were among the other big names involving Amazon, Microsoft, Apple etc. that had tied up with the leading social media platform to access the personal information of its users.

As per Facebook’s representative, they have provided public evidence and are willing to continue their cooperation with the officers for their investigation.

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