Volvo-HR90 to Recruit its Own Mechanics!

The inventions of AI never fail to surprise us. We hear about the advancements in artificial intelligence every other day and it was not long before when Volvo caught the attention of media after it showed their first car that could recruit its own mechanics. Known as the first AI-driven car, Volvo launched its HR90 at the biggest car event in Belgium- the Brussels Motor Show. Of all the news based on the entire event, more than 65% of the news were covered on this launch for which more than half of the Belgian population was reached through PR coverage alone.

The modified and intelligent Volvo S90 can conduct its own job interviews by asking its own set of questions via which it tests the social, communication and technical skills of the applicants. The results are later sent to the human resource managers at Volvo for further discussions. Using artificial intelligence, Volvo turned its S90 model into the HR manager which is not just limited to conducting interviews but is also equipped with speech technology and pedestrian recognition among other smart and technological features.

Out of the total job openings that were announced to recruit its own engineers for the Volvo dealer network and Volvo Car Gent, an automobile manufacturer in the port city-Ghent of western Belgium, all 200 of them were filled!

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