Electric Vehicles

India might witness 25% of Electric Vehicles on Road by 2030

Guidelines have been established by the Government of India to set up the electric vehicle fuelling stations across India at every 25km. Along with that, the government has also advocated installing charging points in residential areas. In order to reduce air pollution, the government has come up with a plan that is estimated to bring 25% of the electric vehicles on road by 2030.

To promote electric mobility, EVI Technologies is aiming at setting up a project that would include twenty thousand charging stations across India in the coming year and a half. The project is backed by their investment of Rs. 100 crore. Apart from EVI Technologies, India’s second largest automobile maker, Hyundai is going to launch its first EV-KONA in SUV segment by the middle of this year.

The guidelines are estimated to strengthen the overall EV infrastructure and will act as a guiding document to the state governments and UTs (Union Territories) to integrate the rules and customs related to these vehicles in their respective building bye-laws. The guidelines also included the availability of stations every 100 kilometers for long range and heavy-duty electric vehicles on each side of the highway.

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