RBC-SMU Partnership to Hone Entrepreneurship Skills among Students

The Royal Bank of Canada has partnered with Saint Mary University to open up a talent hub that would mentor and help the students of the university with skill building and entrepreneurial coaching.

Supported by a gift of $695, 000, this partnership is believed to prepare the students for the barriers they might face in the changing economy. According to Robert Summerby-Murray, the president of SMU, the outcome of this initiative will create a better workforce along with enhancing the growth of Saint Mary’s entrepreneurial culture.

The RBC Talent Hub Program for the students revolves around improving the entrepreneurship skills comprising of EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) program, multi-level coaching workshops, consultant team for students and talent fund to support student co-op placements.

Known as the RBC Talent Hub, this partnership is sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada Foundation for the period of three years in support of RBC Future Launch. The RBC Future Launch is developed to empower and prepare the youth of Canada into strong employees so as to succeed in future jobs. It will focus on three major areas that would help young people to get jobs, enhance their professional network and train them with new skills that can help them to keep up with the changing environment at work.

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