Things to Remember while Preventing Motion Sickness

Often times when we travel, we come across this feeling of nausea, light-headedness or pit in our stomach and despite our preventive measures, we end up disappointed for feeling this way during our journey. In medical terms, this feeling is usually described as motion sickness which is caused while travelling on road, land, air, water or sometimes amusement rides that usually brings with it a headache, vomiting or a feeling of dizziness.

Going through motion sickness is very common as one among 3 people face this problem. So, we suggest that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before starting your trip. Avoid smoking (both active and passive) and try to keep away from people with motion sickness as seeing other people vomit can make you feel sick too. To avoid that, always carry a sick sack, ginger, peppermint and acupressure wristbands that are believed to help and provide relief in motion sickness. In case none of these pointers work out for you, we suggest you take medicine prescribed by your physician for such situations.

Despite the availability of drugs to control motion sickness, a majority of people prefer to avoid taking medication for it as they want to avoid its side-effects. Keeping in mind the discomfort caused under such circumstances, Otolith Labs developed a device that would prevent the effects of motion sickness by confusing the brain into snubbing the motion signals. The device that is worn on a headband behind the ear is also believed to help people in defense services and so far, no side effects have been recorded in its initial trials.

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