Cognitive Skills are Dependent on How You Treat Your Body

While growing up, we were often told ‘You Are What You Eat’ which was emphasized mostly on our choice of diet. It takes a lot of time to understand its real meaning, which basically states to opt for healthy food preferences in order to stay fit. We were hardly aware of the side effects of junk food and our poor eating habits affecting our health along with damaging our brain as well.

According to a survey, more than 35% of American adults consume fast food on daily basis. And it is no surprise that it has resulted in numerous health problems, starting from obesity to diabetes and cardiac diseases among other chronic disorders. The latest studies also revealed the effects of junk food on our cognitive abilities with lack of exercising adding an additional disturbance on our memory. The poor diet and regular intake of junk food not only affects the size of our clothes but is highly known for making a person more addicted to its consumption. With increasing awareness regarding the consumption of junk food and how it is accelerating its toll on the mental health of people leading to other long term disorders, people are moving towards adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious diet, regularity in exercising and a great sleep.

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