World’s First Operation with FIVAD Performed on a 24-Year Old

In a major breakthrough in the field of science and technology, the world’s first ever operation to place a FiVAD (Fully Implanted Ventricular Assist Device) was performed successfully on a 24-year old man from Kazakhstan. FiVAD is a combined result of CET (Coplanar Energy Transfer) and VAD (Ventricular Assist Devices) and was developed by an Israel based medical and technology company- Leviticus Cardio. The device is anticipated to replace heart transplants and improve the patients’ quality of life.

Hundreds and thousands of people with weakened hearts or those who are having a heart failure receive Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs) instead of heart transplants on an annual basis. VADs are mostly recommended by doctors while patients are waiting for a heart transplant and in some cases, they are also used as a long-term solution where the patient heart is not healthy enough for the transplant. VADs are implantable mechanical circulatory pumps that are more prone to infections leading to further complications. With an internal battery lasting around 8 hours, the fully implantable VAD is charged wirelessly with the help of an external belt. According to the sources, the operation was successful and the patient is back to his normal life.

After earning a graduation in information technology, Sara Earnshaw opted for a Master in mass communication from University of Nebraska Lincoln. Sara Earnshaw began her career by working as a correspondent in Southeast Asia. After that she moved back to the US and started covering science and technology stories.

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