Toys R Us

2019 to Witness Comeback of ‘Toys R Us’ with a New Name

From what felt impossible last year, has now raised hopes among hundreds of fans as Toys R Us stores are coming back into the business under a different name. Once the biggest toy seller, Toys R Us could not make profit from their sales and was unable to recover from their bankruptcy because of their inability to make necessary changes with respect to the latest technology and customer experience, especially during the holiday season.

After an year of shutting down, the former company is back with a new identity known as ‘Tru Kids Inc’. The new company is planning to open its stores across Europe and Asia and is run by the former executives of Toys R Us and its chief merchandising officer, Richard Barry. Without many revelations about their business plans, the brand is believed to have a fresh vision and new sales strategy.

Leaving thousands of people out of the job, the shutting down of ‘Toys R Us’ stores brought a lot of nostalgia for people and their memories with childhood toys at the store in the middle of the previous year.  Founded in 1948, the Toys R Us closed its stores in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. 

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