Texas Woman Gunned

Texas Woman Gunned Down at Point Blank

A video captured a woman being horribly murdered while she was setting up a garage sale in her driveway. The 29-year old wanted to raise money for her wedding anniversary but amidst setting up the sale, she was approached by an unidentified person who shot at her for four times.

The incident occurred on January 25 where the deceased identified as Elizabeth Barraza was arranging a garage sale outside her Tomball home. According to a video footage, Barraza froze before exchanging few words with the shooter, after which she was shot three times point blank. After she fell on the ground, the shooter stepped over her and fired one more shot. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she passed away from her injuries.

Barraza was arranging the sale so as to raise funds for her and her husband, Sergio Barraza’s fifth wedding anniversary for which they were supposed to leave in two days.

Her family and loved ones are deeply saddened and disturbed by this incident and want justice for her death but no arrests have been made so far as the shooter was not identified. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has put an amount of $20,000 for anyone who could come up with the identity of the shooter or any relevant information.

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