Confession from Past puts Liam Neeson into Trouble

The confession from the actor Liam Neeson has started the controversies revolving around a disturbing incident from his past. The ‘Taken’ star in his extraordinary TV interview came up with a revelation on being asked how he performed and got into his character of a father seeking revenge for the death of his son in his latest film ‘Cold Pursuit’. By not revealing any name, he shared his experience from an incident that happened forty years ago and told a disturbing story where his friend was brutally raped by a black man that put him onto the streets for about a week with a vengeance hoping he’d be approached by a black man wanting to have a go at him. He expressed his shame for thinking like that.

When the reality of being disturbed with this rage hit him, he confessed his feelings with few of his friends and approached a priest to seek help and walked two hours a day to get rid of these feelings. He continued and said that he is not a racist and that he would have done the same thing had it been a Brit, Irish, Scot or a Lithuanian and he was only trying to stand up for his friend in this terrible manner. He expressed his gratitude towards God as he backed down after coming to his senses and harmed nobody.

Amidst the controversies of people branding him as a racist and some of them defending and appreciating him to come up front and rising above something he admitted to have dealt in his past, the premiere of his newest movie ‘Cold Pursuit’ was cancelled.

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