Blunt Force Injury

79-Year Old Dodgers Fan Succumbed to Blunt Force Injury

The long time L.A. Dodgers fan died from the blunt force trauma by a foul ball that hit her head during a baseball game in August 2018. According to the reports by the medical examiner, the 79-year old, Linda Goldbloom from California died from acute intracranial hemorrhage and a history of blunt force trauma.

The incident occurred in the top of the ninth inning when the batter Franmil Reyes fouled back a 93 mph pitch from Kenley Jansen, the baseball pitcher for Los Angeles Dodgers. As stated by Linda’s daughter, Jana Brody, her mother was rushed to the hospital with the help of EMTs that came after she was hit with the ball. On her way to the hospital, she threw up in the ambulance.

Apart from this, there have been two similar incidents reported where the fans died after being hit by the ball. One of the accident occurred at Griffith Stadium during 1943 while the other one happened at the Dodger Stadium in 1970 claiming lives of a 32 and a 14-year old.

Goldbloom was survived by three children and seven grandchildren. She was injured during the baseball game on August 25th, 2018 at the Dodger stadium and stayed unresponsive for three days before succumbing to her injury on August 29th. She passed away after she was removed from the life support system according to her wish of not being kept alive by the machines in case doctors believed there is no chance to restore her quality of life.

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