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20 People Charged for Helping Chinese Women to Deliver Babies in the United States

The crackdown in the birth tourism business led to the charges against 20 people who were involved in helping the Chinese women to deliver their babies in the United States so as to get the U.S. citizenship. Hundreds of mothers-to-be that were brought into the United States were charged US$ 40,000 to US$ 80,000 each and were accommodated with a classy apartment.

Dongyuan Li, the 41-year-old business owner of the “You Win USA” was one of the 20 people who were charged with this felony. She guided pregnant women from China through the process of getting into the United States and deliver their babies to get all the benefits of American Citizenship. She is believed to have earned millions based on the heavy amount she used to charge from the pregnant women. Among other birth tourism businesses, the owners of the “USA Happy Baby”, Jing dong and Michael Wei Yueh Liu were also arrested based on the conspiracy charges along with visa fraud and money laundering. Some of the other operators of the business are estimated to have returned to China.

Around tens of thousands of Chinese citizens travel to the United States for giving birth each year where the total duration of the stay of the pregnant women is around three months before returning to China. The trials are scheduled for the last week of March.

The other countries with a long operation history of birth tourism businesses catered people from China, Nigeria, Turkey and Russia among others countries.

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