AI can now translate Your Brain Activity, brain signals

AI can now translate Your Brain Activity into Speech

On the back of the study of sensitive monitoring of the brain of few epilepsy patients, scientists came up with a major breakthrough in science that can turn brain signals into a computer-generated speech. This was achieved by the use of artificial intelligence and speech synthesizers and is the same technology that gives verbal response to our voice commands in Siri by Apple and Amazon Echo.

The neuroscientists from Columbia University created a system that can translate the thoughts of a person into words. Dr. Nima Mesgarani, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Department of the Columbia University in the United States mentioned the loss of one’s voice as devastating because our voices help us to connect with our friends, family and everyone around us. He further talked about their latest research that can help restore that power as their study can decode the thoughts of these people into words that can easily be understood by any listener.

In times to come, this invention is estimated to help people who have lost their ability to speak or who are suffering with similar communication problems to communicate with people with more ease.

Apart from helping and opening a path for speech neural prosthetics to have direct interactions with the brain, the scientists are hoping for their system to be a part of the implants worn by patients as that of epilepsy and translate their thoughts into the words. Along with decoding the brain patterns, this research gives hope to people who have lost their ability to communicate due to some injury or disease.

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