Ethnic Grocery Retailer Subziwalla

Ethnic Grocery Retailer Subziwalla to Overcome Long Hour Travels for Indian Grocery

Bonding over the mutual love for onions, an Indian national- Sajal Rohatgi and a first generation Indian-American- Manav Thakar came up with a concept that eliminates the long distance travelling among the shoppers for their Indian groceries. Based on their research on prevailing scenario among thousands of shoppers and the challenges they go through every time, they started Subziwalla, meaning ‘The Vegetable Seller’ in English.

A year prior to the launch of the Atlanta-based Subziwalla, the co-founders Sajal Rohatgi and Manav Thaker studied the customers, their demands and the market for Indian groceries. Rohatgi faced difficulties after he moved to the United States to study at the University of Illinois in 2007 as he had to make a two-hour trip to Chicago in order to get the ingredients he needed to make his meals, whereas, Thaker was more accustomed to an hour’s travel to the nearest Indian grocery store as he grew up stocking his family’s choice of Indian ingredients over the weekend. It was important for his parents to embed the Indian culture in their kids via their home cooked food. And this is the desire that is instilled in every Indian family that migrated to the United States.

The idea was born out of their conversation over the best onion (red or yellow) and mutual frustration regarding the need to travel for over an hour for their weekly Indian grocery. Understanding the diverse taste of Indian food which is not just for eating but is also a form of expression, they wanted to restore the connectivity and essence of the meal which connects the families together. Launched in April 2018, the Subziwalla allows the shoppers to buy all their ingredients at one place, whereas their online services deliver the groceries at the customers’ door steps saving the time they spend at the unorganized stores.

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