Economists concerned over the ‘Collateral Damage’ with U.S. Federal Shutdown entering into its Fifth Week

The U.S. government shutdown that started on December 22, 2018, has entered into its fifth week and is raising concerns over the financial damage that it has caused. The Senior Economist-Standard & Poor’s, Beth Ann Bovino stated that the longer the shutdown continues, the more damage will be caused to the economy. According to the estimation of the losses, she expressed her concern for the people who are struggling to cover their bills without their payrolls.

The longest shutdown in the history of U.S. Federal shutdowns is believed to cost more than the US$ 5.7 Billion that was demanded by the President of the United States, Donald Trump for his border wall with Mexico.

With the shutdown crossing the period of 30 days, more than 3000 of the Transport Security Administration (TSA) agents called in sick. With more and more people missing work amidst the partial government shutdown, the government needs to prepare for the longer lineups at the airports. The longer processing times of the customers made Air Canada warn its customers about reaching three hours prior to their scheduled boarding time.

Among many concerned departments and officials pleading President Donald Trump to end the shutdown, the president of Air Line Pilots Association International, Captain Joe DePete wrote a letter on behalf of more than 60,000 pilots mentioning the problems caused by the shutdown affecting the safe operations, productivity and safety of the national airspace which will further jeopardize the security of the passengers and the airline crew.

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