Fine on Facebook

FTC to slap more than USD 22 Million Fine on Facebook

In concern regarding violating the Facebook users’ privacy, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is reportedly considering to slap Facebook with a record-setting fine. According to the sources, this fine is estimated to be bigger than the fine of US$ 22.5 Million that was slapped to Google as a penalty by the FTC in 2012 when Google violated its privacy settlement with the FTC..

According to the Chairman of the FTC, Jon Leibowitz, the FTC makes sure that all the companies comply with the privacy promises they make to its consumers. He further added that no matter how small or big the companies are, it is mandatory for them to abide by the FTC laws and keep their privacy promises to consumers, failing which they will have to face charges and pay the designated fine. It was the largest penalty that was ever charged by the Federal Trade Commission. But the data breach that resulted in the failing of the privacy safeguards by the Facebook led FTC to charge Facebook with a larger fine than it issued to the Google. The personal information of more than 85 million of the Facebook users was compromised without their knowledge or consent which resulted in the international outrage.

With every violation, Facebook could be charged with $ 40,000 which would result in trillions when multiplied with the millions of users affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. With these findings by the FTC against Facebook, no decision of the calculated fine has been finalized as of now.

After earning a graduation in information technology, Sara Earnshaw opted for a Master in mass communication from University of Nebraska Lincoln. Sara Earnshaw began her career by working as a correspondent in Southeast Asia. After that she moved back to the US and started covering science and technology stories.

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