Mayhem Continues to Bother Citizens after 26 Days of U.S. Government Shutdown

The turmoil continues with the US Government Shutdown that started from more than 20 days ago. The federal shutdown has turned the country into a hellhole and is impacting everybody’s life. The shutdown started with a proposal by the president of the United States, Donald Trump who asked for USD 5.7 Billion as funds to build southern border wall and the democrats who are against funding this construction.

The second shutdown by the United States federal government started on 22nd December 2018 and is persistent to bother people into January 2019. It has been recorded as the longest shutdown in the U.S. history of federal shutdowns which has sent hundreds and thousands of the federal workers on a temporary leave. To what was considered a momentary resolution prohibiting government bodies or agencies from conducting operations that are not necessary has now turned into the longest U.S government shutdown resulting in total or partial shutdowns of the nine executive departments of the federal government of the United States, upsetting about one-fourth of the government bodies. With lot of federal employees going unpaid, NASA has come forward and is protesting against the federal shutdown. More than 90% of the space agency’s employees have gone unpaid and are going through financial crisis ranging from basic bills to facing mortgages. This is believed to impact the research programs as they have come to a halt whereas; some of the scientists are missing valuable meetings and others are thinking of changing their jobs.

NASA Space Center, Houston
NASA Space Center, Houston

As of today, the shutdown is in its 27th day and has crossed the record of the shutdown from the period 1995-1996 consisting of 21 days to become the longest shutdown in the entire history of federal government shutdowns in the United States.

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