Netflix Prices to be Up by 13 to 18 Percent in the United States

The American media-service provider for both movies and television series, Netflix is increasing the subscription prices of its entire set of plans, starting from basic to premium, effective immediately for the new customers whereas, for existing users, the new subscription plans will be rolled out during the next three months. This change is estimated to pay for the investment of the company in original TV series and films among other shows and to prevent the impact of its competitors such as Amazon, Disney etc. According to Netflix, they keep on changing the pricing on a timely basis so as to enhance the overall entertainment services provided by them.

The hike that raised the stocks of the company up by 6.5% is believed to be the biggest in Netflix’s history as linked to other times since the launch of its streaming services from more than ten years ago. The last elevation in the prices of Netflix was witnessed during 2017. This hike is believed to hit millions of the subscribers from the U.S. as almost half of the Netflix users from all around the world are from the United States accounting to be around 58 Million.

Despite the recent increase in the monthly plans, Netflix is still cheaper when compared to streaming services of HBO at $15 per month. It is estimated that there is still a possibility that some of the users might cancel their subscriptions with Netflix.

Pictographic overview of the Netflix stock price as of 16th January 2019
Pictographic overview of the Netflix stock price as of 16th January 2019

You can now avail the Basic Plan of Netflix at $9 (earlier $8), its well-admired Standard Plan at $13 (earlier $11) and its Premium Plan at $16 (earlier $14).

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