Canadian, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg sentenced to Death by Chinese Court

Amidst political tension going between Canada and China, a Canadian has been sentenced to death by the Court of China which has further increased the friction between the two nations. The Canada citizen, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, arrested in China on the account of smuggling huge amount of drugs has been awarded death sentence. He was earlier warned by a Judge in B.C. Supreme Court to mend his ways and that his country deserves much better from him. He was told that he was lucky to be residing in Canada and not in Libya or Syria and was further cautioned about underestimating the seriousness of his offense. The Justice Neill Brown continued and said that he hopes this is the last time Robert would be seen in court.

In early December 2018, two Canada citizens were detained by the officials in China in the middle of a dispute over the detention of a China’s business executive by Canada on account of bank fraud accusations by the U.S. Prior to the detention of Chinese tech executive in Canada, Schellenberg was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister-Canada criticized this death penalty issued by the Chinese court and addressed this decision as illogical. He further assured that Canada will do everything in its power to intervene on behalf of Schellenberg. In response to Justin’s remarks, China said that he should ‘respect rule of law’.

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau criticized the death penalty given by the Chinese court to Canadian Robert Schellenberg

Canada appears to have been caught up in the middle of the ongoing conflict between the United States and China. This seems to have affected the ties between Canada and China as well.

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