Robson Green

Robson Green shares his Greatest Fears & Revelations from the Past

Robson Green, an English actor, singer, angler and songwriter talked about his revelations from the past and his greatest fears. Born as Robson Golightly Green in December 1964 in Northumberland, Robson Green shot to fame for his role as Fusilier Dave Tucker in the TV drama series Soldier Soldier, the series that ran from 1991 to 1995. He was 26 years old and was truly ecstatic when he was offered this role.

Delighted with the smell of fish and chips, the actor believes in receiving rather than giving. When he was three years old and his brother was just born, he ran out of jealousy as everybody was paying attention to his brother and ran his tricycle over his head.

He revealed his limitations of performing his own stunts. He considers them leaving to the professionals over his struggle to achieve them. The recently turned 54-year-old veteran actor is grateful and believes into entering this decade of his life as a turning point. With the years of his experience in the film fraternity, the work is less stressful and comes easier to him now. Despite his belief in not worrying about anything and living in the moment, the actor is scared of loneliness and nobody coming to his funeral.

His role as Detective Inspector Geordie Keating has won hearts of a lot of his viewers. On account of his singing career with Jerome Flynn, he once revealed that the Princess of Wales-Diana and Sarah-the Duchess of York would sing along to their tunes. The additional movies and TV series to his credit include Wire in The Blood, Strike Back, Waterloo Road, Mount Pleasant, Being Human on BBC Three and Extreme Fishing with Robson Green among others.

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