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Oceans are Getting Warmer than Earlier Anticipated

According to the warnings by the scientists, the oceans are getting warmer than earlier predicted setting a new heat record in the year 2018. This is believed to have an impact on the marine life. The new measurements collected by the international network of more than 3,800 floats deployed in the oceans from around two decades showed an increase in warming since 1971 as compared to its calculations by the UN assessment of climate change in 2013.

According to the scientists, the global warming is already affecting the environment as the greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities; mostly by burning of the fossil fuels is leading to the generation of the carbon-dioxide. These greenhouse gas emissions are warming the atmosphere and are mostly absorbed by the oceans. This is resulting in oceans to expand and is forcing fish to move towards cooler water. The thermal expansion, also caused by the melting ice is making the oceans to take up more space which is likely to result in the rising of the sea levels in upcoming years.

To control the warming, the 2015 Paris Agreement on the climatic change by the UN is influencing almost 200 countries to phase out on the fossil fuels. While these nations are working out on the climate change warnings given by the scientists, the United States President, Donald Trump wants to pull out of this agreement and promote the US fossil fuels. This resulted in protests by various youth and local groups against the use of the fossil fuels.

Extra moisture released by the warmer seas can result in more powerful storms and this increase in ocean warming is believed to disturb the aquatic life as well.

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